An online Marriage Business merges with Cloud Service to provide uninterrupted matchmaking!

Traditionally, matchmaking plays a central role in Indian marriages. As time went on, the responsibility to fix marriages passed from close relatives to agents and brokers to newspaper classifieds to finally matrimonial sites.

Online matrimony refers to the idea of a website that allows the urban, modern generation to choose their own partners and proceed from dating to possibly marriage at their own pace. A significant part of the business is the advanced technologies that enable visitors to find the perfect match for themselves through automating calculations, comparisons in a huge database of profiles.

The web-based wedding industry threatens to traditional matrimonial business and is catching the market share of newspaper matrimonial classifieds. From that point forward the traditional business of marriage. The online marriage industry is under serious threat with the rise of websites like,, and other dating sites.

One of the significant reasons answerable for the development of the online marriage business is the adaptability of time and comfort it offers to the clients because of the purpose of cloud innovation. With a large number of complex customized look through consistently, alongside the enlistment of new clients, all marriage locales are expected to give quality client experience while overseeing weighty traffic. Cloud Services makes this possible in real-time.

Wedding sites generally need technology that could be useful to them to assemble a premium quality experience for the clients. The innovation could oblige a huge number of clients as request grows or downsize as request goes down.

Here are some facts about online matrimonial searches:

- The estimated market size for FY 2013–2021 is Rs 3.7 billion

- A subscriber base for online matrimonial search in FY 2017–2021 is 0.26 billion

-Quickest developing age bunch is 25 years to 34 years

-Male/Female proportion matches the current internet gender proportion at 57%/61%

What is the purpose of tying the knot with clouds?


It is great for businesses with developing and fluctuating transmission capacity like the popularity of supporters on wedding sites. It is not difficult to increase or down the cloud limit from a distant server. This degree of nimbleness can give a genuine benefit to the wedding business a genuine benefit over competitors.

The automatic update of the software:

In Cloud service servers are off the premises and carefully concealed. Providers can deal with them for wedding destinations and do standard programming refreshes. This incorporates security refreshes moreover. So online locales would rather not burn through their time in keeping up with the framework.

Cost-free capital expenditures:

Cloud service reduces all equipment and programming expenses. Matrimonial sites simply need to pay for what programming and virtual machines and circle space they use. It is a consistent pay per consume model.

Possibility of location:

With Cloud service, everything marital destination can work from any place whenever. Area detail isn’t there.

Access to Secure information:

Whenever your information is put away in the cloud anybody can get to it whenever in the event that anything happens to their machine too.

Successful Case Studies: is the world’s biggest wedding administration that completes its services on Cloud. They have developed exponentially from the most recent sixteen years accommodating over 40 million members and managing over 300 million site hits each month and more than 20000 enrollments every day. drives the e-matrimony industry with around 60% piece of the pie, with notable entries like the BharatMatrimony, CommunityMatrimony, AssistedMatrimony, EliteMatrimony, and so forth. So is utilizing Cloud solutions to oversee 3.8 million users a day today.

Other dating sites like from Uk are utilizing the cloud to have 3000 taking an interesting site and 1.5 million enlisted clients around the world. Additionally dating destinations like Tinder, charm, and Truly Madly are utilizing Cloud services.

So at last they say matches are made in paradise yet we accept that ‘they are connected in cloud’.

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